The High Intensity Tactical Training program is the Marine Corps’ recent universal fitness program, and has been likened to “CrossFit for Marines.”


You can find many workout routines and demonstrations on the HITT website. The following is one sample Active Dynamic Warm-Up from the “Athlete HITT” section:

Complete the following exercises in order over the course of 10 minutes to warm up before a workout:

General Mobility

  • Jumping Jacks, 45 sec, rest 10 sec
  • Heel/Toe Raise, 45 sec, rest 10
  • Knee to Elbow Push-up, 45 sec, rest 10

Muscle Activation

  • Walking Lunge, 20 yds
  • Inchworm, 20 yds
  • Lateral Squat, 20 yds

Transity Mobility

  • High Knees, 25 yds, rest 10 sec
  • Side Slide w/ Arm Swing, 25 yds, rest 10 sec
  • Lunge w/ Twist, 25 yds, rest 10 sec

Dynamic Mobility

  • Frog Thrusts, 30 sec, rest 25 sec
  • Groiners, 30 sec, rest 25
  • Wideouts, 30 sec, rest 25


See demos of the exercises on this page,

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